Friday, June 13, 2014

Baldwinsville NY


We are happy to announce that
 My Town | Baldwinsville NY
is now up and running.  Go to the Baldwinsville page or click on the image to see the functional tour.

Businesses on the Guide

Currently there are nine businesses listed on the Baldwinsville guide.  You can use the navigational menu to go inside of their businesses and see what they look like.  Or, use the arrows to navigate among the Side-Walk Views. In the tours of each business, they have links to their webpage, social media, and directions.  A businesses can also embed their personal tours directly into their websites!

Why Get Your Business Listed?

There are many reasons why you should be on one of our guides.  Here are just a few:
  • Exposure to tourists and people who plan on visiting your area
  • Getting your business Tour placed on Google Maps
  • Embedding of your personnel Tour on your businesses website aids in Google Search Algorithm
  • Will be listed on our area guides
  • Since we started Main Street USA Google Map Tours, over 200,000 unique visitors people have seen our tours, and is growing rapidly.
  • Tour has the option (if you choose this option) of connecting to your Google My Business - Page
  • Publicity as we push Area Guides out to other communities and businesses

Who Can be Listed?

Any businesses can be listed or join our guide.  If you click this link here, Main Street USA Sign-Up Page, you can request to learn information about participation in this or any of our other guides.

Why are there Banner Ads?

Banner ads are to help get people to know your name, drive them to your doorstep, and spend money at your location.

Any business can place banner ads on the Main Street Area Guides as long as they are for a non-competing business.  These banner ads will help drive costumers to you, learn about you, and ultimately, aid in customers spending decision at your place of business.  Each ad is capable of being a link, and you can put things such as coupons, logos, images, and anything else you want in the banner location (as long as it fits the size constraints).  If that is something you are interested in or want to learn more about click this link here, Banner Ad Informational Sign-Up.  Find out soon before the spaces fill up!