Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tragedy in "My Town | Ithaca NY"

A little after 4:00 PM on Friday June 20th a run-away tractor trailer slammed into the front corner of Simeon's on the Commons restaurant completely destroying the front section of the build.  There were several people injured and two fatalities; Amanda the bartender at Simeons, and her unborn child.  She 24 years young.  She was pregnant with her second child.  The entire community morns the loss of these two precious lives.  

These Google Street View images below provide an historic archive of the building before and after the accident.  They were taken just 4 weeks apart.  They are live interactive  Google Street View so use your mouse to pan 360 degrees.

Image by PlacesMobile Inc. May 29 2014

Image by PlacesMobile Inc. June 22, 2014

Image by PlacesMobile Inc
Image Date: June 5, 2014