Friday, August 29, 2014

DestinyUSA Utilizes "Sky View"

DestinyUSA Launches With Sky View

Last week PlacesMobile Inc. the creators of the "My Town" virtual area guides officially launch their new feature titles "Sky View".  One of the very first national-scale entities to embrace the exciting new feature is DestinyUSA.  

PlacesMobile's team of licensed Google Trusted Photographers are at DestinyUSA on a regular basis keeping the interior Google Virtual Tour current, and last week DestinyUSA had them include "Sky View" of the outside of the sixth largest mall in the USA.

Jim Hilker, President and CEO of PlacesMobile Inc says, "We're very happy to have DestinyUSA be our first major corporation to embrace the power of our virtual services.  We are in discussions with several other major corporations at this time and we're excited with the visual marketing benefits this provides our partners".

Sky View is 360 degree "Google Street View" imaging technology capture at 200 or so feet above ground level.  PlacesMobile is the only officially licensed Google Business View provider in the USA offering "Sky View" service to businesses.  The Sky View panoramic images are connected to the "Street View" and indoor "Business View" imagery in Google Maps.  "This brings the entire Google Virtual Tour together, from above, from outside, and from inside", Hilker added.

Many people ask how they capture the "Sky View" imagery.  "We identify the clearest and safest spot near the subject, we float straight up to about 200 feet, capture the 360 image, and then pull straight back down to the ground.  We schedule it when few people are going to be in the vicinity and we're rarely even noticed." said Hilker.  "Capturing the imagery is really the quick and easy part, we're usually on 10 - 15 minutes on site.  Putting it all together in Google Maps is when the work and time really kicks in" he added.

Sky View is the perfect feature add for the My Town virtual area guide publications.  As PlacesMobile builds it in to all of their My Town guides over the next couple months viewers will start their virtual tour of a town from above, seeing the entire town from several elevated points above the town and be able to see, click on, and "swoop" in and land at any business, park, trail, museum, that is participating in the My Town virtual area guide and continue to virtually explore those.

The trickiest part?  Having the weather cooperate.  "We need pretty days with little wind; a combination that is not all that common in upstate NY" Hilker said.